Equity members are professionals: skilled individuals who bring their experience and their talent to every job. They deserve to be treated with the respect workers in other industries take as a given. They deserve decent pay. That's what Professionally Made Professionally Paid is fighting for.

Low and no pay is a major issue for many Equity members. Too often performers and creatives are expected to give their time and energy for free, exchanging hard work for 'exposure' or 'CV points'.

This particularly affects members at the start of their careers, and those without savings or economic support also find themselves priced out of the industry.

Since 2014, we have been campaigning for fair terms and conditions. More than 300 productions have signed up to use our Equity Fringe Agreement, which has brought more than £2.75 million in wages to performers and stage managers. 

We have helped secure better holiday and sickness pay, overtime, hours of work, touring allowances and health and safety regulations.

Play your part by spreading the word — to your fellow cast and crew members, to audience members, and to employers.

Get involved

  • When you reject unpaid work, use this letter, encouraging producers and directors to speak with us. If you or someone you know is putting on a show, and want help creating a contract, get in touch.
  • You can follow our campaign’s developments by following @EquityLPNP on Twitter.
  • Spotted a dodgy casting or job ad? Report it here
  • Performer or creative worker? Read more here
  • Engager or producer? Read more here

Profit shares

The vast majority of engagements, for stage managers and performers in particularly, are at least subject to Working Time Regulations and National Minimum Wage.

Equity’s experience is that some engagements may appear to be profit shares or purport to be profit shares, but are not a genuine profit share.

Genuine profit share productions are extremely rare. These are when a collective body of participants equally and cooperatively manage, control and are responsible for its business and affairs, including key decision making.

Equity’s experience is that many engagements which appear to be profit share or are labelled or designated as a ‘profit share’ are not genuine profit shares, and those engaged would hold worker status and therefore statutory rights to National Minimum Wage and paid holiday or holiday payment in lieu.

Members should carefully consider whether profit share engagements offered are genuine, and contact us for advice and support.


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