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ITC vote sees major pay and conditions improvements for 2023

Following a successful ‘Yes’ vote in our recent consultative ballot on the ITC Agreement, a range of new and improved terms will take effect from April 2023.

ITC members at 2022 annual conference © Sharon Wallace

The new agreement sees major improvements for members including:

  • Over 10% increase to the minimum weekly salary and over 20% increase to minimum daily fees for performers and stage managers.
  • Over 10% increase to fees for choreographers, designers and directors.
  • A 20% uplift on meal, daily accommodation, and commuting allowances.
  • A significant uplift to touring and relocation allowances which are now combined into one living away allowance of £447.68 per week in London, and £410 per week outside of London.

The new agreement makes clear that the principal responsibility for finding and providing accommodation sits with producers, confirms a shorter maximum working week in rehearsals (five day week) and a reduction in maximum weekly hours during production week, and also increases holiday entitlements to beyond statutory minimums. The agreement also requires producers to have an environmental sustainability policy.

This is a massive first step on Equity's Work, Rest and Pay Campaign which is set on substantively improving holiday and work/life balance provisions, touring and accommodation allowances and provision, and minimum pay levels.

ITC and Equity consulted extensively with their respective members in advance of negotiations to ensure that the process was collaborative and that the parties negotiating could understand the respective challenges faced. This led to harmonious and productive discussions and a result which both ITC and Equity are proud of.

Karrim Jalali, Industrial Official for Equity, said:

This was a different type of negotiation than unions typically face for collective agreements. ITC and its members with Ethical Manager Status actively strive to do as much as possible for the performer practitioner and creative workforces, and have consistently demonstrated their commitment to going above and beyond, both in engagements and in the negotiations for a revised agreement.

It’s a breath of fresh air to be working with these principles at the heart of the negotiations, and we’re really proud of what we’ve achieved for our respective members despite the huge challenges imposed by the funding landscape.

Charlotte Jones, Chief Executive of ITC, said:

ITC members have consistently articulated their strong belief in putting the well-being of their workforce first. Despite these incredibly challenging times for performing arts producers this community has recognised the importance of addressing the cost of living crisis and improving working conditions in the sector.

Our conference in November focussed on well-being and I believe the newly improved minimum terms we have negotiated with Equity will provide the foundations to enhance the well-being of creative teams. Thank you to all the ITC managers who supported us in this process.

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