Understanding your rights when it comes to AI

AI: Know your rights

It is very important that you understand your rights to help protect yourself from exploitation.

What are your rights?

There are no UK laws explicitly written to regulate AI. However, the law does give performers the exclusive right to reproduce and share content you have created (which is protected by copyright) and performances you have given (which are protected by performers’ rights). 

The law protects your face, your voice and your likeness as protected sensitive personal data because they each can identify you personally. As the data subject, the law grants you a right to consent to the collecting and processing of your personal data, and a right to request your personal data be erased from records held by others. 

The law requires a website or platform to takedown content infringing your intellectual property rights within a reasonable period of time following notice.  The law also requires a website or platform to delete your personal data on request when it has been collected or processed without your consent or another lawful basis. If a website or platform is operated outside the UK or EU, these laws still apply when they target these markets.

What is Equity doing to protect performers’ rights?

In April 2022 we launched a ground breaking campaign to strengthen rights for performers and Stop AI Stealing the Show. Equity, with the help of leading academic and legal expert Dr Mathilde Pavis, have also created a template letter for artists to request the take-down of unauthorised digital imitations of their performances, likeness or voice from platforms or websites. This document supports Artists to protect their legal rights in audio and audio visual work.