November 2022

Feedback on the Theatre Green Book

The Theatre Green Book

To ensure our union is part of the conversation around sustainable theatre practices, Equity for a Green New Deal has established the Sustainable Theatre working group and are currently working with the Theatres Trust to implement the Theatre Green Book.

The Theatre Green Book is a three-volume document produced by the Theatres Trust outlining sustainable standards for theatre productions and buildings.

We are keen to work constructively with the Theatre Green Book and we want to see more ambition and urgency from theatres in working towards Advanced Green Book standards. There are currently no theatres working to Advanced standards in the UK - we want to change that!

The Theatre Green Book is an evolving document that we want to make changes to. Our Sustainable Theatre working group has produced a report identifying these areas of change which include recommendations for more use of the worker voice, as well as highlighting accessibility concerns and a general aim to raise ambition and urgency throughout all three volumes. Read and download our report below.


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