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Equity supports Intimacy for Stage and Screen Guidelines

Professional intimacy practice for the stage and screen requires clear and concise protocols detailing the engagement of an Intimacy Director or Coordinator in accordance with a production.

Intimacy for Stage and Screen (ISS) have produced guidelines with the support of the Equity Intimacy Working Group & Equity Women's Committee to provide a comprehensive intimacy practice document for the entertainment industry.

Performers have experienced concerns about performing intimacy scenes in the past. The Introduction of Intimacy Directors and Coordinators aims to allay these fears and there are also ways in which performers can advocate for themselves and others in the creation of safe storytelling. The ISS 'Advice for Performers' document covers the rights and responsibilities of a performer as well as providing lists of resources available regarding the latest Industry guidelines and information about well-being. This document is designed to cover performers who engage with scenes of intimacy in both live performance and film/TV.

Jennifer Greenwood from Equity Women's Committee, who has a long-standing involvement in this work and is a member of the Equity Intimacy Working Group, said:

"I am beyond excited that these guidelines are finally ready to release to the public. They are the result of immense hard work from Intimacy for Stage and Screen in consultation with members of the Equity Intimacy Working Group. The guidelines help fill an important gap in providing guidance on how intimacy direction should be used in a productions on stage or screen. The guidelines also help push forward Equity's Creating Safe Space agenda."

The three guideline documents are available online.

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