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Equity agrees Code of Conduct with United Kingdom Pro Wrestling

A year after the #SpeakingOut movement in the wrestling industry began on social media, Equity have agreed another Code of Conduct.

This time it is with South East of England based wrestling promotion United Kingdom Pro Wrestling.

UKPW have committed themselves to adopting the 5 Pledges the the union is asking of all wrestling promotions. These are:

  • To have a clear, robust Dignity at Work policy so that complaints of abuse can be addressed in a fair and transparent way, protecting both talent and promotion.
  • That all transport and accommodation arrangements are agreed with talent in advance and in writing before the date of the booking.
  • That a separate, private and secure dressing room space be provided at every show.
  • That a paramedic be present at every show
  • That should the promotion have an associated wrestling school that it provides clear transparent safeguarding policies, that staff and visiting professionals understand those policies, are trained in them and that first aid provision is a requirement for all classes. We also ask that all independent vocational training schools take these necessary steps to protect their students.

Equity South East Area Official Steve Duncan-Rice said:

"We look forward to working with UKPW in building a stronger union within the wrestling sector and we call on all wrestling promotions to follow their example and help protect their industry by engaging with Equity."

If you have any questions or comments regarding Equity's response to #SpeakingOut, please email Steve Duncan-Rice on

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