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NORTH Wrestling signs up to Equity agreement

We're pleased to have agreed a code of conduct with North East based professional wrestling organisation NORTH Wrestling.

The code sets out terms and conditions for performers, staff and management in writing, provides a dignity at work policy, and allows time and access for performers to engage with the union. This will be supported by an agreed formal disciplinary and grievance policy. NORTH Wrestling joins a growing number of wrestling promoters across the country who have signed up with Equity's pledges in the sector, improving conditions for all participants.

Dominic Bascombe, Equity's Regional Official for the North East, Yorkshire and Humberside says:

"NORTH Wrestling joins a growing roster of professional wrestling organisations committed to signing up to best practices in the industry. We are delighted to reach this agreement with NORTH Wrestling as we seek to build a safe arena for those working in the wrestling industry and the many supporters and enthusiasts. This agreement puts in place best practice for the industry and ensures that workers' views are listened to and concerns can be properly addressed."

Andrew Bowers of NORTH Wrestling said:

"Since we returned to live events, we have been discussing an agreement with Equity, and are really happy to finally sign off on it. We have been using all of Equity's standard agreements in the meantime, to make sure our working environment is a safe and supportive environment for our staff. Equity has been open to our suggestions when discussing the agreement, one that works for all parties. We're very excited for our performers to engage with Equity too, as we move out of the shadows, and towards a safer and more professional industry."

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