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Commercial Theatre Variation Agreement Ballot Result 2022

Results of the Ballot

Results of the Ballot

Votes to accept: 98.5%

Votes to reject: 1.5%

Turnout: 30%

Equity General Secretary, Paul Fleming: “It is testament to the importance of this win for Equity members that it has been backed by over 98% of those voting on a record turnout for ballots on this agreement. The solid result represents not only a rise of over 4% for Equity members, and the substantial rise of touring allowance to £300 - both backdated to April - but a normalisation of the industrial relations process after COVID.

Many were anxious that terms would return to pre-COVID norms, and our deputies and staff have delivered that even in this uncertain economic climate. But those pre-COVID terms are clearly not what our members need in the face of the cost of living crisis or what our deputies, activists & staff aspire to for the sector.

Consultation begins in the coming weeks for a new agreement, and I urge all members to engage with it so we can tackle low pay and the broken digs system.

Only our committed deputies and strong commercial theatre membership could have delivered such an above UK average pay rise. I, and the whole union, stand with them as we face the next set of challenges.”

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