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Equity Election Results

Equity has elected its President, Council, Appeals Committee and Conference Business Committee for the 2024-2026 term, with Lynda Rooke elected to serve as Equity's President for a second term.

A total of 3,617 votes were cast, representing 7.53% of the Equity membership.

The results of the election are as follows. For the full results, please see the Independent Scrutineer's Report.

The Equity President elected for 2024-2026 is:

Lynda Rooke

The Council 2024-2026 is:

Jassa Ahluwalia
Joseph Ballard
Giovanni Bienne
Sean Biggerstaff
Victoria Brazier
Jo Cameron Brown
Julia Carson Sims
Jackie Clune
Lizzie Cooper
Tonia Daley-Campbell
Dan de la Motte
Dan Edge
Rachael Fagan
Nick Fletcher
Shenagh Govan
Stephanie Greer
Marina Hampton
Zainab Hasan
Maureen Hibbert
David John
Marie Kelly
Marla King
Mary Lane
Kerry Kyriacos Michael
Hywel Morgan
Vivien Parry
Genevieve Say
Rachel Stockdale
Eleanor Sutton
Sam Swann
Feyesa Wakjira
Fiona Whitelaw
Louie Whitemore
Jack Wilkinson

The Appeals Committee 2024-2026 is:

Julie Cheung-Inhin
Poppy Gilbert
Su Gilroy
Isabella Jarrett
Nana St Bartholomew-Brown

The directly elected members of the Conference Business Committee 2024-2026 are:

Ian Barritt
Laurence Bouvard
Su Gilroy
Isabella Jarrett
Nana St Bartholomew-Brown

Declaration of Result

Declaration of Result

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