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Suffolk County Council threaten economic growth with 100% cuts

Equity members, residents and arts organisations across East Anglia have raised serious concerns following a proposed £500,000 cut to arts funding by Suffolk County Council.

While these cuts represent a small fraction of the council's need to save £64.7 million, they will have a disproportionate impact on Suffolk residents who rely on the arts for employment and the wider community engaged with the vital support provided by arts and entertainment organisations  across the county.

Iain Croker, Equity Official for the region, has called on the public to take action by contacting their local MP or councillor, saying:

"Equity and its members across East Anglia will strongly resist these cuts, which not only jeopardise our local identity but also threaten economic growth at a time when the area is supposed to be levelled up.

"The arts play a crucial role in Suffolk's local communities, providing employment opportunities and enriching the lives of its residents. The proposed cuts risk undermining the vibrant arts scene that Suffolk is known for, potentially leading to long-term consequences for the region's economy and social fabric.

Local residents and supporters of the arts are urged to voice their concerns and advocate for the preservation of arts funding in Suffolk. By working together, we can ensure that the county continues to thrive culturally and economically."

Find your councillor on Suffolk.gov HERE.

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