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Win: Equity signs new house agreement with Wise Owl Theatre Company

A win for workforce rights as Wise Owl Theatre Company signs new house agreement.

Pictured: Vijay Shah Equity Midlands Regional Organiser (far left), Ian Manborde Midlands Regional Official (far right) with Christopher Brookes, Artistic Director and Wise Owl Theatre Company cast and crew.

Equity’s long-standing relationship with Wise Owl Theatre Company has grown to now include a house agreement for its summer touring production of Mr. Toad. The new agreement reflects the established  constructive working relationship with the company, which was built around the house agreement for the Company’s franchise for the Polar Express train ride. The new agreement secures: minimum levels of pay, working hours and holiday provision for the creative team and performers - a win for the workforce.

Ian Manborde, Equity's Midlands Regional Official says: "It is to the credit of Chloe Thorp and Chris Brooks that they are committed to working with Equity to ensure that the cast and crew of Wise Owl productions benefit from working under the union’s framework agreement to guarantee Equity rates and statutory rights. I wish the cast and crew all the best for the production of Mr. Toad, and look forward to discussing future agreements with the company."

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