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Equity agrees code of conduct with British Wrestling Revolution

Equity has agreed a code of conduct with professional wrestling organisation British Wrestling Revolution (BWR).

The code, signed by BWR, sets out terms and conditions for performers, staff and management in writing, provides a dignity at work policy, and allows time and access for performers to engage with the union. This will be supported by an agreed formal disciplinary and grievance policy.

Equity Organiser for the North East, Yorkshire and Humberside Dominic Bascombe said:

"We welcome this agreement with BWR as a step towards building a safe arena for those working in the wrestling industry and the many supporters and enthusiasts. This agreement puts in place best practice for the industry and ensures that workers' views are listened to and concerns can be properly addressed."

BWR Operations Manager Richard Young said:

"After months of hard work we are proud to sign and share publicly our agreement with Equity. We have always provided and will continue to provide a safe and happy working environment for all of our performers and staff. Following the events of the 'Speaking Out' movement we remain committed to leading the charge for change in British wrestling and this agreement formalises that commitment.

"Our agreement with Equity ensures that we are held accountable by an independent third party which understands this unique industry, recognises performers as the highly trained and skilled professionals they are, and places the interests of performers above companies. We stand by this agreement as a way to protect our performers by giving them the rights and recognition for the work that they do. We strongly believe that this is an important step for British wrestling in order to move forward as a professional industry."

Equity is open to talk with any promotion who wishes to establish a similar code. We have given evidence to the APPG on wrestling, both verbal and written, and we are serious and proactive in our efforts to make the industry better for the wrestlers.

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