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New Rulebook approved with 76% voting YES

The results of Equity's Rule Change Referendum 2022 have been announced.

76% have voted to approve the New Rulebook of the Union.

Rule Change Referendum 2022

Rule Change Referendum 2022 full results

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The total number of members entitled to vote was 46,175. The number of members who voted was 4,587 (10% - up from 8% at the last referendum in 2021 and the highest referendum turnout in 15 years).

Lynda Rooke, President, said:

Having served on the Rulebook Working Party and witnessed the effort put in by fellow activists over this time, this result is an affirmation of their dedication and diligence which moves the union forward as a progressive, modern trade union. The fight for better terms and conditions in our workplaces continues, but now we are better equipped to progress on those fronts. I look forward to standing shoulder to shoulder with all members in any future campaigning.

Paul W Fleming, General Secretary, said:

Two years of hard work from Council, the largest grassroots consultation ever, and a thumping mandate for our new rulebook is a ringing endorsement of Equity stepping up as a modern trade union, with a radical but pragmatic approach to changing the industries our members depend on.

These solid foundations are on the bedrock of the hard work of Presidents, Councils, and activists over the past decade to make Equity a progressive, fighting trade union. It heralds a 2023 of more campaigning, and more victories, than ever before.

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