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01 July 2017

Guy Woolf is an actor and a drag queen called Elektra Cute. Here, he discusses modern variety, the Spice Girls and what he feels is the greatest challenge facing the arts

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01 May 2017

Comedian Jimmy Cricket is a variety star. He worked as a Butlin’s Redcoat, honed his craft on the northern club circuit before breaking through to TV. And he’s not finished yet

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01 February 2016

Actor and rapper Riz Ahmed is a busy man. Aside from his successful musical work he has carved out a career in a series of indie hits such as Four Lions and Nightcrawler. He is soon to appear in the new Star Wars film: Rogue One

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01 October 2014

Francesca Martinez is a comedian, actor and writer. She has cerebal palsy, but prefers the term “wobbly” and believes that broadcasters should stop standing in the way of talented people with a difference.

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Featured News

07 February 2020

Equity has launched a groundbreaking support system for members dealing with mental health problems. This will include a new dedicated 24/7 mental health helpline, an individual assessment and up to six professional counselling sessions funded by the union available across the UK.

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04 February 2020

Equity is very concerned about future visa and other restrictions for creative workers working in Europe post-Brexit. We have an event in Parliament on 4 Feb & want members to invite their local MP along.

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16 January 2020

Storyteller Richard O’Neill comes from a traditional, nomadic Romani Gypsy family. He believes his community should be better represented in TV, film and theatre

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